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Our Upholstery Process

We’re incredibly passionate about the restoration of antique furniture through the use of traditional and modern upholstery. Our methods are second to none in Glasgow; we make sure that you are absolutely delighted with your furniture. We feel privileged to be in the position that we are in where we get to see in our hands the transformation of furniture over the course of a few days. Below, we have outlined our typical upholstery process.

Strip Back Furniture

Step 1. Strip back & Repair

Vital to the long-term health of furniture, we must make sure that the each piece is structurally sound before we carry out any work. This prevents you from experiencing any discomfort and breaks in the future. How do we do this? It starts with a process called 'stripping' where we literally strip back all materials and fabric from your piece of furniture until we are left with its core components. At that level, we can make a diagnosis of the level of repairs required. Sometimes, no repairs are needed at all and we can simply replace the linen with something new to give a fresher design. However, we may need to repair various elements to ensure stability such as issues with the feet to prevent wobbles.

Add Support and Structure

Step 2. Add Structure & Support

Who likes a chair without back support? We certainly don't! To make sure that everyone you welcome to your home has a comfortable experience, we make sure that your back and bottom have the ultimate feeling of support, we give your furniture a complete corrective support structure. It's part of our exemplary upholstery service that we achieve the highest standards of comfort so we make sure that when you sit down on your piece for the first time that you can notice the feeling of stability.

Upholstery Padding

Step 3. Replace Padding & Sew Together

This is probably one of the most important aspects of upholstery. Here's something we experience often…we're go to a fancy place for dinner of a coffee and see one of their lovely antique chairs and are instantly drawn to it. We sit down expecting a great experience, but it simply does not live up to its visual presentation. It's something that people forget about often. A chair or sofa can look great, but if it just doesn't feel right then people won't sit there and that's its purpose in the first place. Our 30 years of experience in upholstery has shown us time and time again that people want to experience an incredible level of comfort and design. Leaving out either of those elements will significant drop the value and enjoyment you get out of your furniture.

Felt Upholstery Layer

Step 4. Layer With Felt

We use felt layering to contain the padding and provide a comforting layer to your chair. Although there are many different layering available for use, from our experience the use of felt has provided the optimum level of comfort for our clients at 1st Class Upholstery. Once that we are happy with this stage, we will sew the padding and felt together, giving a great feeling to whoever sits there, but we're not done yet…

upholstery fabric finish

Step 5. Fabric Finishing

The appearance of your chair or sofa is pivotal to its use in your home. We must make sure that the way we finish your fabric is to the highest of standards so that it will keep for years and years to come. Our upholstery work will usually restore a chair or sofa back to life for another 10 years or more. Something that we noticed, in particular, was that after we add the finishing touches with the fabric the furniture really does come back to life. That is what attracts us most to doing this job!

A Brief Guide to Upholstery

It's surprising how many people don't know what upholstery is, so we thought it would be a good idea to produce a quick guide.

What is upholstery?

Many people think upholstery is the process of repairing and restoring antique furniture, however, upholstery is, in fact, the name given to the materials used to stuff and cover seats, chairs, sofa and pretty much any piece of furniture that needs some attention (with the exception of mattresses).

There are so many different types of upholstery materials that we use, but the most common ones are vinyl, foam, cotton padding and leather.

When should you contact an upholsterer?

Truth is if you aren't sure that your furniture needs an upholsterer service, then you probably don't. An upholsterer's job is to refurbish your upholstery when it gets to the stage that you are no longer enjoying it anymore. That could be because it is no longer comfortable or because the furniture looks tired and worn out. It's important to consider that just because you have a piece that is looking old, doesn't mean that it cannot be turned into something equally beautiful or even better. The opportunities to change the style, pattern, and colour of your furniture is limitless. When you see the difference, you'll think you're looking at a new sofa, but at the same time still hold the memories of your old one.

Why upholster rather than buy a new sofa?

There are so many advertisements on television these days for new sofas, but what we notice is that these pieces aren't built like they used to. They're often shipped in internationally from massive factories where there is little care for the finer details such as you might expect from an antique piece. Not only that, but we find that antique furniture is without a doubt, much more pleasing on the eye. So, why upholster rather than buy new? If we had to sum it up in a word it would be memories. There is something about furniture that you just can't forget. Maybe we're just the nostalgic type, but the items you value help you define who you are and those memories that have been built up over years should not be forgotten.

What upholstery techniques do you use?

We offer customers the options of modern upholstery, traditional upholstery, and leather upholstery. When it comes to deciding which type of upholstery should be used, it really comes down to the age and style of furniture that we are presented with. For older pieces, it is generally best if we stick to the manner in which it was first constructed, thus preserving the integrity of the piece. We will use traditional methods such as horse hair, springs, flax and herringbone webbings just to name a few. For more recent pieces, we will be more open to using modern upholstery techniques during the restoration process.

What is traditional upholstery?

Traditional upholstery is most suitable for antique chairs (typically from the 19th and early 20th century. We use natural materials such as horsehair or coir fibre, hessian or linen as well as tacks or fixings. This style uses complex stitching techniques to make firm stitched edges. Traditional upholstery is extremely labour intensive and requires a great deal of skill and years of experience to master.

What is modern upholstery?

Modern upholstery is typically of most service to post-second world war chairs. Foam is used as stuffing alongside some of the traditional materials as we mentioned earlier such as felts, webbing and hessien. This technique uses staples for fixing and results can be achieved much quicker allowing you to keep the cost of material and labour down.

Which technique is right for my chair?

As we mentioned earlier, it really depends on the age and style of your furniture. Nevertheless, if you have an older piece, but can't afford to use the traditional technique, we can give you options on the restoration of your antique furniture using the modern upholstery methods.

The benefits of upholstering your furniture

upholstered chair

Keep Your Furniture Attractive

Make sure that where you live is a place that you are proud of and it's somewhere that you love to show off to your friends.

More Comfort

Make sure that your favourite chair is as comfortable as possible and keep your posture.

Prolongs the Life of Your Furniture

An excellent upholstery job can prolong the life of your furniture for years to come, giving you a timeless piece.

Value your home more

Having a well-furnished home makes you want to spend time there. It makes people want to pay you a visit.

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