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enjoy shiny, beautiful furniture again

Over the years, we’ve worked on thousands of pieces of furniture and are very proud. To us, french polishing is about giving you back the furniture that you have grown to enjoy, and we’ll do everything we can at our workshop in Glasgow to achieve amazing results for you.

Our French polishing Process

1. Get in touch

Every french polishing job we do starts off when a client gets in touch. Just click here and fill in your details so that we can get more information about your needs.

2. Examine Your Furniture

One of our expert french polishers will drop by to have a look at your piece and give you advice on what can be done with it. 

3. We Provide A Quote

Once a thorough examination of your furniture has been completed, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

4. Professional French Polishing

Our professional french polishers in Glasgow will apply numerous layers of varnish to build up an even, shiny coat on your piece.

5. Free, Safe Delivery

After the french polishing has been completed, we will deliver your furniture back to you safely.

Ready to Get Started?

Our french polishing service in Glasgow is ready to reinvigorate your old furniture!

What is French Polishing?

What can it be used for?

Why French Polish?

Types of Polish

French Polishing Glasgow
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Why You Should Choose Our French Polishing Glasgow Service


Our extensive experience in antique restoration gives us the confidence in our ability to restore almost any piece.


With many  customers around the Glasgow area, we are your go-to service for french polishing.


Before we begin any work, we give you complete clarity on what work needs completed

Get A Quotation For Our French Polishing Service in Glasgow

We’ve worked on thousands of different pieces of furniture over the years and every one of those projects started with a simple enquiry. Like this one…